So where did we leave off? We had discovered that the missing piece of the canister was actually in the canister. Meh. That should have been the end of it. Ya right. See below.
Why? Dear God Why?

We replaced the missing piece! It was fine! Just in case you're not sure what you're looking at, you're looking at Davina filling a whole frakking milk frother thingy with whipping cream 'cause the frakking thing wouldn't stop spewing everywhere!  Breathe.

Back to the drawing board. What the hell is the matter with this thing?


So Davina took it apart. And this is what she found. See that wee plastic washer type thing? It's busted. That's why the damned thing splooges all over the place. So we went next door to look at a replacement piece. The guy in the kitchen store had, of course, never seen this happen to this piece in 30 years. Also, the piece would be $12. We tried to look up the manufacturer directly but they are in Taiwan and don't have a properly accessible website. So we deemed the solution to be.......

... buying a whole new canister plus ordering the new part for the old one. Soon we will have two. Yay!

Davina went into the back - again. Made whipped cream - again. Filled the canister - again. Reappeared eager to show me how well it worked and how much control she had over it.

So naturally she sprayed it all over me. My legs, the floor and right through the air vents in my shoes. Nice.

God willing that ends the saga of the whipped cream.

7/10/2012 04:09:37 am

Loved your blog layout that I created a weebly account too.


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