Raise your hand if you've had a baby.

I just like the idea that just about everyone reading this is sitting at home, or on the bus or dare I say, at Playful Grounds with their hand in the air. :-)

Anyone reading right now feel overweight? Tired? Flabby? Maybe you want to do something about it but you can't 'cause your always dragging a baby around with you and gyms don't tend to look too favourably on you perching your kid on a machine while you pump iron. Maybe you haven't even entertained the idea of doing something about it at all 'cause well, let's call a spade a spade, you're f*&^ing too tired to go to the gym. I know. I was there. Actually I'm still there. However, if like me, you are tired of hearing yourself bitch about it, i suggest coming to a workshop on Wednesday, September 5th @ 10:00am.

No working out involved, I promise.

It's to learn more about a doing an activity, a sport really. Let me back up for a sec. I used to do Karate. An ankle injury (not related to Karate at all) forced me to stop. But one of the things I loved about it was that getting into really good shape was a side effect of actually learning how to do something really really fun. As opposed to a gym. Gyms are great for some, but for me, every minute that I'm at a gym screams I'm Here To Lose Weight, I'm Here To Lose Weight, I'm Here To Lose Weight. I hate that that is the focus. I much prefer doing something that I enjoy and losing weight and getting in shape by accident.

So back to the workshop. It's about climbing. Ya, like a rock wall. The place is owned by a mom. So she has a program there called Mommy Rok. It's specifically for moms and babies only. That's all I'm gonna say except come to the workshop and learn more. Also, there will be a discount at the climbing centre for people who heard about them from us. You know, moms helping other moms. I'm totally going.

So send me an e-mail at info@playfulgrounds.com to rsvp. Remember - NO WORKING OUT INVOLVED. Come to the information session and hear what it's all about.

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