Two weeks down - the rest of our lives to go!

So what have I learned at the end of week two? During our first week we were pretty sure Wednesday would be a good day to be closed as our sales were abysmal. This past week Wednesday was our best day yet. So I've learned that I have no idea what the patterns are or, indeed, if there are any patterns. I know that we will need to open Sunday as soon as possible. And maybe we'll just have to choose a weekday arbitrarily to close.

I've learned that plumbers are expensive. As are electricians - both of which we've needed. I've also learned that Davina and I should not screw around with the equipment once it has been placed where it belongs (hence the need for the plumber).

We are rolling out food this week. Well, more food. Pretty exciting. In addition to our other food stuff, we now have Paninis. Chicken and veggie and they're pretty good if I do say so myself.

I've also learned that I'm no spring chicken and I'm tired! We need to hire a part-timer asap, but we sort of need to do a full month to figure things our before we hire, so it'll be just a few more weeks of us doing everything.

We've also realized that we have a damn great space. It's perfect for evening events such as birthday parties, both kiddie and grown up, book launches, art openings and baby showers. If anyone out there wants to use our space for an event, please contact us. We've even got caterers all lined up.

That's it for now I think. I think I need a drink.

9/11/2012 01:23:53 am

Great info, thank you.


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