You may remember that we worked some pretty long hours a while back. I did an entry called '20 Hours in the Cafe' back on August 18th. Two days later I also posted that we might be closed on the Wednesday because we might have a really late event on the Tuesday. Well, we opted to stay open on the Wednesday which is what led to my zombie like state, but we did have the event on the Tuesday and now that production is done I can tell you about it. And I can include pictures!

Firstly, this is how it came about. On Sunday the 19th, the day after my 20 hours in the cafe followed by one hour of sleep, I was working and a film guy came in. He told me that a production would be shooting across the street on Tuesday evening and asked me to sign something acknowledging that he had informed me of the shoot. He began to go into the process but I stopped him at the beginning, explaining that I worked in film and I know the drill. So we chatted about film stuff for a few minutes and then he left. Then my exhausted wheels started turning and I realized that we really need to get in on this. What followed were about half a dozen emails between us over the next two days culminating in him rushing in on Tuesday, a few hours before they were meant to start shooting on College, asking if our space could be used as their Green Room for the actors. Hmmm, let me think about that. You want to use our already closed cafe to do nothing but hold people? And we have to do nothing but be here? And you're gonna pay us? Hell ya!

They were supposed to start shooting at 6pm but, of course they pushed, which is film lingo for 'film always runs late'. They rolled in around 7:30, put up some black curtains on the windows and brought in security to check the place out. The actors came in around 8:00 or so and they sat around doing nothing until hair and makeup arrived and transformed them and then they were whisked away like their life depended on it. Then they came back. Wash, rinse, repeat. That's film. Now for some pics.
Davina, myself and Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter.
So we hung out, made coffee for the producers (sooo many producers on this show), chatted with Dan and his girlfriend and Zoe (the other actress on the show), and tried to talk up the cafe. I knew a few of the crew from my good old days in film and passed most of the time chatting with film people, in film lingo about film things. In other words, shmoozing and reminiscing. It was fun. I was in my element. There are times when I miss film a lot. I don't miss 16 to 18 hour days everyday though, although sometimes I think I rival that in the cafe.


This was the view from our patio looking across at the Royal.

This is the inside of the cafe with the windows blacked out to hide Daniel Radcliffe from the world.


Dan and Zoe playing at the train table. Yup, you see right.

Anyway, the movie they were shooting is called The F Word. It's a romantic comedy. Harry is all growed up now. Super nice guy by the way. When I finally left around 2am he was the first to jump up, shake my hand, and thank us for letting them take over our space. Thus ended my 18 hour day in the cafe.
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I swear, you are living my dream life...


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