I know I'm really overdue for a proper entry. I've been swamped. I promise to do one soon! In the meantime, I'll just add the e-mail that I'm sending out in case anyone who wants to read what's new around here isn't actually on our mailing list:

I wanted to send an e-mail to let you know of some new things at the café. We have holidays coming up! We will certainly have some specials for Easter and fun stuff for Mothers Day. And we’ll have some yummy chocolate covered Matzo for Passover! All the details will be on the site at www.playfulgrounds.com

Speaking of the site, I’m gradually adding more to it and making changes to make it more readable.  

I decided that we need a Funny Of The Day section. Too many things happen around here that seem to just encapsulate the fun and games of running our own business. So we now have a section for it. Feel free to visit often. I hope it makes you laugh even one tenth of the amount that we laughed while these things were happening!  http://www.playfulgrounds.com/funny-of-the-day.html

We are changing up the menu. Adding brunch! Among the new additions are “Playful Eggs”, Caesars,  Sangria and a selection of salads. The updated menu will be online shortly and will be up on the boards in the café starting on Monday.

We now have Gift Certificates. They come in denominations of $10 and are a perfect gift for all the moms you know out there. They are displayed on the front counter in the café.

We ran two workshops this week, both of which were very successful. There are more booked over the next few weeks including a fitness workshop (how to get your body back), a fundraiser for the Children’s Book Bank (storytellers and facepainters and more!), and a financial planner to help with saving for your little one, debt management etc…. Sign up by e-mail or in the café on the board at the back. More info is here: http://www.playfulgrounds.com/parties-events-and-workshops.html

Our hours are changing. We are about to be open on SUNDAYS! Planning for April. Watch the site for the details. http://www.playfulgrounds.com/hours-and-location.html

We also have a comment card available in the café. If you can think of any convenience that we’ve missed, please fill out a card. We will also draw one card per month for a FREE $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE!

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First time here at your blog and wanted to say hi.


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