First off I have to seriously thank all the people who have been helping us get the cafe up and running. We've had people helping paint, ripping up floors, providing supplies (everything from the smallest toy to a laptop!) and offering suggestions. And of course to our husbands who are helping out physically and dealing with us as we try to keep a hundred things in the forefront of our minds at any given time. I say the collective us because Davina and I share one brain now. Thanks everyone, I'm not sure where we would be without your help!

So many people are e-mailing asking what they can do to help, so I decided to give it some actual thought. Here's what we need:

1. Highchairs and booster seats. If you have them and don't want them, we'll take them. Either give us a call or an e-mail and we'll arrange to be at the cafe when you come by or we'll arrange pick-up.

2. Toys. Anything that can go in a dishwasher or be easily cleaned. Cleanliness is next to ---liness.  Or whatever.

3. Books. Kiddie books and parenting books. Books are the bomb.

Anything that is donated that we can't use we will take to a shelter or some organization that makes good use of kiddie stuff.

We also need a few large appliances. If anyone out there works in the restaurant industry and has a line on restaurant equipment - used and cheap - we'd love to hear about it!

Lastly, we need ideas. We have so much planned for the cafe itself, but more suggestions are great.

Is anyone interested in having perhaps a company work party at the cafe some evening when we are closed to the public? Does anyone work for or know an event planner? We need to pick up our cash flow now that we are close to opening and most of our money has gone out while none has come in. This harkens back to an entry a while back about losing one of our loans for a big chunk of money we were sort of counting on. I'm just putting it out there. You never know if you don't ask!  More updates soon!

1/9/2012 12:38:15 am

Todays Parent magazine is located in Toronto, see if they will sponsor you or created ad space at the cafe that they can buy, or if they would be willing to have a company party/monthly meeting at the cafe. Advertise your space as a birthday party location too. Many modern parents would prefer a relaxing stylish cafe location over a bright crazy kids place. Think Rosedale families. And I don't think there are many downtown locations for kids party spaces. There are lots of mom-owned-cake companies who may be willing to set up a partnership if a parent wants you to supply the cake too.

5/30/2012 10:55:25 am

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