We have draft one of the business plan done and now we're just waiting for other people to do their part. I don't like waiting. I guess I'm a control freak that way. Sigh. We have a meeting on Wednesday to go over said business plan, so we'll see how close we are to having something professional that we can use to get some cash.

I'm trying to spruce up the website by adding useful links and a forum section, as well as recipes or personal tips for feeding your kids. Any input is more than welcome!

The place we saw last week was interesting. It was only 640 square feet, but it was interesting to look at a space that small and realize that it could work. There were other things wrong with the location, such as stairs to get in etc... Also, I was at College and Brock and just didn't feel like a great spot. We're seeing another place this Wednesday right after our Business Plan meeting so we'll see how that goes!

Ask me for a business card if you see me around. I love them!

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