You know what happens when you wait for definitive news before updating a blog? You never end up updating the blog. Sorry about that. I hereby resolve to update this blog at least once a week regardless of what is in the works or on hold. There, I put it out there - in bold even.

So, money first. We've got lots of it! Of 5 loans, we have 2 in the bank, and the paperwork in process on 2 more. The last one is a few weeks away and we have no reason to believe that there will be any problems with it. It's kinda scary owing all this money, but hey, that's the game, right?

Childcare next. Mine is in daycare and Davina's plan for hers will start up the day we take possession of a space. Which means that she is continuing trying to work around the kids and I am loosing my mind trying to work with not that much to do. I know I should go to a movie or something, but I just haven't been able to rid myself of the guilt of actually having 'Me Time'. Such is the plight of a Jewish mother.

Location next. We've suffered a bit of a setback in that department. The space we were negotiating for isn't going to happen. So we are now chomping at the bit to find a location. We are prepared to buy a turn-key business and convert it or a retail space that we have to renovate. Either way is good, we just want to get going already. We spend a lot of time worrying if a place we check out is too far east by a block, or west by a block. I think we just need to realize that When We Open They Will Come. Please tell me that's true.

We've also recently discovered Meet-Up groups. Particularly Mamas and Papas of Trinity Bellwoods Park, who seem to meet ALL THE TIME in coffee shops in the area. We were absolutely made for them - but we're not open yet. I keep getting e-mails about theirmeet-ups and it's killing me, just killing me slowly I say.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. As usual, any feedback/suggestions/acknowledgements that there's people out there reading this are very good for my self esteem.

11/13/2011 11:31:21 pm

Thanks Karen for letting us know about Trinity Bellwoods Meet up group!!!

11/13/2011 11:57:32 pm

Keeping fingers crossed for you guys to find a great location soon!

Much love and belief in this wonderful business <3<3<3


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