Who would've thunk that whipped cream would be so challenging or be the cause of so many laughs? Well, the laughs part I could have guessed but the challenging part? We make our own whipped. It's organic and yummy and easy to make. After blending the ingredients, you simply pour the mixture into your handy dandy whipped cream dispenser, attach the CO2 cartridge and splooge all over your closest friend. Easy peasy.

Ya. Right.

The first time we did it, smooth creamy whip erupted all over the front counter sink which left Davina frantically trying to figure out where to spray it. I don't think we were even open yet.

A week or so later, Davina told me we were out of whipped. I took the canister into the back and when I started to unscrew the CO2, it EXPLODED. There isn't a font big enough to describe the amount of creamy whip that was all over me, the sinks, the walls, the appliances - EVERYTHING. Clearly it was not empty. Again, much laughter ensued.

Next, a few weeks later, Davina confidently went into the back to make more whipped. She mixed it, poured it, assembled it and came running back out to properly complete a yummy mocha. She added the topping and it just kept going. Now that was a sight to see. Davina holding the canister over mug after mug and eventually straight into the sink, of yummy, creamy stuff shooting out of a long cylindrical tube. Let the jokes fly.

Finally we got the hang of it.

Then one day after I had emptied the dishwasher and put the pieces of the dispenser aside, Davina had made more whip and reassembled the canister and asked where the piece was which holds the CO2 cartridge. I showed her where I thought I had seen it, but it wasn't there. Neither of us could find it anywhere. We took the kitchen apart. Eventually we concluded that it must have fallen off of the back of the table into one of the beer cases and had probably been returned to the beer store.

We ordered a new piece.  No whip for days equals sad.

The new piece came yesterday equals happy!

We attached the new piece to the already filled canister and were ready to go! We shook it. We heard something rattling around in the canister. What could it be? We didn't know. What could be in there. Ya, whatever could it be.

If you come to the cafe in the next few days and order something with whipped cream, you will hear a clicking sound as me and Davina laugh at each other. We won't know for sure until this canister is empty, but I'm sure it's the missing piece which went straight from the dishwasher into the canister for safe keeping.

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First time to your blog and just wanted to say hello.


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