I have no fingernails left. And I'm on an anxiety diet. It's lovely.

Where were we? We had an extension until Friday and the Landlord had a meeting with his lawyer on Thursday so that's plenty of time for them to send us a lease to sign right? Except they both went M.I.A after their Thursday a.m. meeting. Our lawyer left messages for them all day Thursday and Friday while Davina and I sent texts to each other reading 'Anything?!'  'Anything!?'  'Anything!!!??'.  Bad for the blood pressure. Anyway, our realtor finally reached theirs mid afternoon and put him on the case and after another couple of grueling hours a shiny new lease arrived in my In Box. We pretty much got what we wanted, although we are personally liable for the rent for 2 years (as opposed to it being just the corporation) which terrifies us only a little bit. We also realized that we needed yet another extension to the offer because as much as Davina and I are on opposite sides of the country right now, and could get the signing done in about half an hour (ah computers, we love you), there's no way the landlord would sign the lease before 5:00 which was the deadline.

I was sitting in front of the computer all day staring at my In Box waiting, while nothing whatsoever happened. Of course, the lease arrived about 20 minutes before I was supposed to go pick up Kai and head to the drop-in centre's Christmas party so I flew into overdrive. My printer is out of ink (of course it is) so I literally ran to an internet cafe, printed out the lease and the extension, scanned them and e-mailed them to myself and ran to get Kai and then ran to the centre. As I was leaving the internet cafe our realtor called and said not to bother with the extension because the other side was doing up a fresh one and had just e-mailed it to me and could I please hurry up and sign it and scan it and send it back. I didn't have time to go back so I actually had to do it after the party, sleepy Kai in tow. But it's done. And I also managed to turn my phone off for the party and just pay attention to my child. If you know me, you know that's a big deal.

So this is where we are: I have signed the lease and scanned it to Davina who will sign it and scan it back to our lawyer today. We have an extension on the purchase of the cafe until Tuesday which is conditional on the lease being signed. So we just need to make sure the landlord signs the thing on Monday. Then the cafe is ours - that's when we get really busy.

Also, when the time for opening comes, I'm going to be asking everyone who is reading this, all 2 or 3 of you to please help tell EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER MET about the existence of Playful Grounds! Help us make the best place for parents ever!

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