Playful Grounds is ours and we have the champagne to prove it!

At approximately 2:30 yesterday afternoon we signed the last of what had to be ten thousand documents and became the proud owners of Playful Grounds! It will be located at 605 College Street which was formerly 'I Feel Like Crepe'. It's on the south side just west of Clinton. It is spitting distance from the main branch of the College Montrose Children's Place. It's close the the library, Metro, Trinity Bellwoods and is in the heart of moms with strollers everywhere.

Pictured above is myself and Davina drinking the bubbly in our new cafe! Feel free to drop by and say hello as we'll be living there from here on in. Seriously. Today we will be starting to sort and throw out and generally get things ready. Planning for an opening some time in January. I can't believe it, it's finally ours!!!

David Cartner
12/20/2011 09:00:44 pm

I'm so happy for you guys!! I must be amazing to see your dream come true. Bill and I wish you Happy Hollidays and a very prosperous new year.

12/20/2011 09:46:06 pm

Congrats! That's so cool that you're set and ready to start the journey!

12/20/2011 10:52:02 pm

Congrats!!!! We can't wait to see it! You must be on cloud nine!!!! Have fun getting it all set up! :-)
Xo old Robbie neighbors

12/20/2011 11:03:37 pm

Congrats !!!! We're so happy for both of you. Wish we could be there for the Grand Opening. Much success. Your friends from Tucson, Arizona USA

12/20/2011 11:11:10 pm

Tera we are so happy too that your cool idea is finally coming to life and we look forward to hanging out there in the future with Jace.

12/21/2011 04:02:04 am

Well deserved! But your coffee is even better than bubbly.
Looking forward to spending time, and money at your cafe.

12/22/2011 12:49:06 am

Congratulations! And just in time for winter. We'll be there in the afternoons for sure.

Brian Bell
12/22/2011 01:10:09 am

Conratulations, Tara! I can't wait to visit.

12/22/2011 11:07:17 am

Way to go! Best wishes for your new beginning!!

12/22/2011 07:59:13 pm

Congratulations, very happy for you guys and this exciting venture. Can't wait to check it out in January. Happy holidays!


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