Well, we've had the cafe for a week now. There's not too much to report but I thought maybe some pictures would help to do our fatigue justice. We have been sorting, cleaning and priming the walls in preparation for a colour scheme not yet chosen. Lots of people came out yesterday and we pretty much primed the entire 1500 square foot space in one day. Just a bit left to do in the bathroom (I won't get the image of my brother's head practically in the urinal as he painted around it out of my head evar!).

We have been having lots of meetings with coffee roasters (you'll be happy to know my barista skills are coming along), marketing people, health inspectors, etc...  Today we are going to apply for our restaurant license and to have the liquor license transferred!

Also, we are now in the market for donations. If you have old high chairs, booster seats and toys (that can go in the dishwasher) and you want to pass them along, we'll take them! Also books. Kids books or books for parents would be great. Just send us an e-mail or drop by the cafe if you're in the area.

And now, some pictures.

Here is an extremely flattering photo of me behind the bar. I've never looked better, don't you think?


This is from the front looking towards the back.


This is from the back looking towards the front.

12/28/2011 09:01:59 am

Wish we could be there to help. Good Luck from Tucson, Az USA

Bryan Day
1/3/2012 07:31:45 am

Tried to come by today, will very soon, good luck!

1/4/2012 12:43:36 am

Looks great ladies!!! xoxoxo v


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