So we're still working on the business plan. I get about an hour a day on average to work on it. Some days more, some days less. But in my brain I'm working on it all the time. Seriously. And I got this idea. The powers that be, and by that I mean the people with the money, asked what the actual dollar value is to social networking. "Facebook? Twitter? Aren't those things really a waste of time? And this word or mouth thing you speak of. Moms can't really talk that much can they?"

Well. I showed them. Yesterday I asked people via Facebook, Twitter and good old fashioned speaking to visit this website. For the good of cafe. Please visit this website, so that I can make a point.

Yesterday this site got 754 hits! So a big thank you to all who were here and continue to come here on a daily basis.

Here's a little screen capture. I'm putting it straight into the business plan.
10/14/2013 12:30:39 pm

I love this blog layout, where can I download it?


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