Well, we are on version 5.0 of the business plan. The deadline is July 20th. To be clear, the versions we've been submitting are going to George Brown. They are not loaning us any money. They are a partner to the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation - Thank God Davina is young!). The CYBF doesn't accept just any old business plan. It has to go through a partner of theirs to get it all purdy like. Then, when George Brown says it's ready, we submit it to CYBF and proceed getting grilled by a panel of 5 who will get us to defend our conclusions. A bit like a dissertation actually. But getting that CYBF money is the starting point to getting all the rest of the money so it's pretty important. Plus, once George Brown approves the business plan, we will only need to make minor changes to it to submit it everywhere else. As it stands we are approaching the CYBF, the BDC, the CSBFP and Cassa for $$$$. I'm in acronym hell. How are you?

I really can't wait to be finished with this business plan stuff. Not to say that I think running a cafe will be easy, but this type of work is boring. I want to get to the fun stuff!

Speaking of fun stuff we have a meeting today. It is a very important meeting. It is with a woman who owns a building and runs a cafe on the main floor. She wants out of the cafe game and hopefully we will be able to lease the space. We are extremely excited about the possibility of ending our location search. It's a fab place, so wish us luck!

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