One of the first things so many parents say when they come in to the cafe for the first time is 'Thank you! Thank you for opening!'.  I have to say how happy this makes me! This is what we were going for. There were a lot of nay sayers when we were trying to gather funds to get this cafe off the ground. A lot of people who said "Do you really think there's a market for that? I mean, moms have all that free time - they can just go anywhere." Seriously. No word of a lie. We knew that we knew what we were talking about, but damn a little validation is nice. So below are a few comments we've received via e-mail:

"I don't have a question to ask, I just wanted to say this place sounds AWESOME! I will definitely be by with my 16 month old XXXXX. Congrats and good luck to you ladies! :)"

"wow - i can't wait to come to your cafe
i will be there soon and i will tell my friends"

"Congrats on the new business. Brilliant idea."

"I think what you are doing is terrific. You should be very proud of yourselves! Congratulations and I wish you tremendous success. If I'm in the neighborhood I will pop in and support you, with our without my child!"

"Please open a location in Leaside. There are so many stay at home mums and dads in this area with no child friendly coffee shops. We would love for you to open a Playful Grounds on Bayview!"

"Really happy to see someone setup a child friendly space in this neighbourhood. I have heard that the cafe will only be open weekdays initially. I hope you do consider setting up weekend hours. For those of us no longer on maternity leave, and not stay at home moms, the only days we can visit are Saturday and Sunday. I think moms and dads will want to go out as a family and enjoy the space. I hope you consider this, but I also realize it may be tough to do this right off the bat! Good luck in this business - I think there's a huge demand for a space like this."

Thank you to everybody who has supported us. Please keep it up so we can be around for a long time and open all the branch locations that you've requested!

Heather Brennan-Carson
3/4/2012 09:15:52 am

Thank you for allowing me to Face Paint the children and do some Balloon Art today...what a great place to be where kids can play freely, a wonderful place for the whole family to enjoy.

9/13/2012 08:19:07 am

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!


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