So ends our first week of the cafe being open. Back a million years ago, on Tuesday, we thought Friday was the end of the week. By Wednesday we were admitting we would need to be open weekends as soon as possible. By Thursday we were arranging childcare and by Friday it was a certainty that we would be open on Saturday. Tomorrow I have lots of stuff for the cafe I should be doing but all I want to do is hang out with Kai and Duff and do play dates and hang around the house. By next week, we'll probably realize we need to be open Sunday, but that's another story.

This week went pretty well. We realized that Wednesday may be our dead day and in the end may be the day we close.

We've had some 'growing pains'. The usual adjustments of needing certain things to be in certain spaces, figuring out which things go best on which plate and trying to sort out morning and end of day duties, not to mention trying to keep the whole cash/read thing straight.

The number of times we've completely collapsed in hysterical laughter is a bit disturbing. Today I tried to refill the whipped cream canister. We make the whipped cream from scratch using organic products and don't like to waste it - obviously. I opened the canister to add more and discovered that it wasn't actually empty, just extremely pressurized. As soon as I started to unscrew it, it virtually exploded all over the prep kitchen. I screamed as I was covered in a spray of topping, as was the floor, the walls, the sinks, the dishwasher, the dishes.... everything.

At the same time, Davina was on her own out front and the coffee carafe which she thought was filling behind her while she served customers was actually overflowing. When she discovered it she frantically tried to hold little cups under the flow to stop the coffee from spreading under the machine, on to the floor and from running down the fridge.

Also, apparently if you dig long enough in a cafe you strike coffee. There are spots where coffee is literally coming up out of the floor. That is a post for another day. But don't worry, it's all under control!

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