Okay, about the perfect place. Turns out it wasn't so perfect after all. In fact, it turns out that there's a lot more to a perfect place then we thought. So, on to potential location #3!

This place is only 2 blocks away from the last place so the location is still really great. And, knock on wood, we are finding this vender and realtor much easier to deal with, meaning that they don't give us the feeling that they are trying to pull a fast one or hide really big issues with the business which would come back to bite us down the road.

So this is where we are. Our realtor, (and by the way if anyone needs a really amazing realtor for either commercial or residential this is the guy) is putting together an offer which we are going to sign and send over tonight. Once the offer is accepted by the other side we will be further ahead then we were with the last place so here's hoping!

If all goes well we are still hoping for an opening sometime in January. Wow, I can't wait to get business cards printed with an address on them!

Will update as soon as I know something more. You all enjoying this roller coaster? I know I am. Where's the wine......

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