Wow, it’s been awhile. It’s amazing how time slips away isn’t it? The last time I wrote I don’t think it wasn’t even warm out yet. So much has happened in the last while that I don’t really even know what to focus on for this entry.

Most recently there was the Taste of Little Italy. It was mayhem, which any of you who were around for it, already know that. The guys next door to us were blasting the worst house music ever. Not that there is any good house music (in my humble opinion), but this was particularly bad. And they were blasting it at volumes approaching a 747 taking off. So naturally our solution was to bring in a DJ of our own to play R&B and hip hop, also, not my music of choice, but it beat the hell outta the House guy. It was deafening. Imagine me and Davina screaming at full volume across the 18 inches separating us from the customers, ‘CORN OR POTATO!?’. But whatever, fun was had by all. We had Heather, face-painter extraordinaire decorating the kids and Sandra, photographer extraordinaire, taking pix for Fathers Day. We sold an unprecedented amount of Sangria. Davina and I worked about 10,000 hours that weekend and had a very relaxing Monday at the spa and The Keg. We may start staying open late on Saturday nights and bringing in the same DJ to inject the place with a bit of night life. 

Reaching a bit further back, my son Kai had his first real accident. For those of you who haven’t met the little tyke, he’s 3 and a half. He climbs everything. He’s a typical kid. I was working a split shift a few weeks back, meaning that I opened at 8 and Davina came around noon so I could leave for a few hours and I was supposed to be back at 3:30 so we could work a birthday party together. I took her car and grabbed Kai and went to Christie Pits. He was playing on the monkey bars and long story short, he somehow whacked the back of his head on the metal bar. There was blood everywhere and when I finally found the cut I discovered that ‘cut’ was the wrong word. It was definitely a gash. Off to Sick Kids where we spent the next few hours climbing the walls and furniture (me the walls and Kai the furniture). They cleaned it and then stapled it closed. They basically put Kai in a straitjacket to do it. We arrived back at the café at 5:30 just as last of the party were leaving. Davina was a champ working the party alone and Kai was a champ getting his head stapled shut. I was less then champ-like as I didn’t really do anything at all. That’s the end of that story.

In other news, we are thinking about starting an online Garage Sale. Just send us a description, a picture and your contact information of the items you want to sell and we’ll post them on our site. Drop off and pick up can be done here at the café. Sound good?

Also, we are going to add to the menu. Details to follow.

I guess that’s all for now. Oh ya, it’s been kinda slow around here since the weather got warm, so I formally invite you to come and enjoy the A/C, the smoothies, the ice cream, the Sangria and our charming company during the heat!

6/28/2012 09:17:09 pm

Ouch! Sorry to hear about Kai, that must've been heart wrenching :(. Love your garage sale idea, and love the Saturday night DJ idea! Lots of kiddos love dancing, it could be lots of fun :)

6/30/2012 06:59:03 am

So sorry to hear about the accident, I guess it's bound to happen though. My 3-year old climbs the back of the sofa like it's a balance beam and believes she is invincible. At 2 she chipped her front tooth and I was hysterical - but she bounced back right away. I'm glad he was okay and not seriously injured.

6/30/2012 07:00:05 am

A mini disco idea for kids might be an idea to consider.........


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