Okay, here we go! We have our eye on a new place. It's sparkly, central and well, pretty perfect! And it's not an empty space that needs renovating. We're trying to buy a business. This place is so fantastic that we don't need to do much more than hang our sign and open. It has all of the things that are important to us; Bathrooms on the main floor, lots of room for strollers both inside and out (we'll have free locks for people to use), plenty of storage space and room to host workshops for moms and kids, and um, a license for, um, well, imbibing.    :-)

We are in stage one right now which is that we actually signed an offer! Our realtor came over last night and explained the language in the offer line by line while our kids destroyed my living room and generally had a good time with my in-laws. As I understand it, the offer will go to the other party and if they sign the offer, we are officially in a lease negotiation. That would mean that they couldn't entertain any other offers until our time period expires, which is the end of November. After both parties have signed the offer it goes to both our lawyers and they proceed to make everything run smoothly and fill our lives with rose petals and puppies, 'cause, you know, that's their job.

If all goes according to plan, we could be in possession on or before December 15th! New Year opening baby!

Send us good vibes everybody - this feels like our place!
Louise Spiteri
11/17/2011 09:46:48 pm

This is wonderful news, Tera. Congratulations. Fingers crossed.

7/12/2012 06:14:42 am

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks

7/21/2012 03:39:40 am

You're very welcome. Have you been to the cafe?


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