How can so much hinge on just an e-mail? No fanfare, no handshake, not even a piece of paper. Just an e-mail that says "My client agrees to sign the lease".

I'll back up a touch to yesterday. Turns out it's not just my low tolerance for stupid, this deal really has been problematic from the start. Some of the people involved have been pretty apathetic which has made the work for the rest of us that much more difficult. Suffice to say yesterday was filled with many frantic calls between me, our lawyer and our agent during which we unleashed our frustration with the situation on each other, just a little bit. Davina, through no fault of her own, was unavailable although it's possible she broke several laws trying to stay in touch from an airplane!

What we were waiting for was a signed lease. As soon as the other side signed the lease, then we could waive the conditions on the purchase of the business and we would have a firm deal so the lawyer could start the paperwork. Too many chefs in the kitchen led to the most annoying game of broken telephone that I've ever participated in. Sometime while trying to feed Kai and get his skates on and get his helmet on (cut my hand doing up the stupid snaps), I got a call from Gary saying it was done. An e-mail was sent from the lawyer for the landlord saying that the landlord will be signing the lease. And that e-mail is binding. I sort of said 'cool - I have to go!' 'cause I was bleeding and Kai was fussing and it was one of those moments where I needed four hands. When I got off the phone I thought, 'Wait a minute - that's it? We have a cafe? Wow!'

So now we just wait. I asked our lawyer if I can blog about the location and he said no. Not yet. December 20th. Closing day. So for now the exact location is still a secret.

Today we have a meeting at the bank to get more money. A meeting with a sign company (I can't wait to see our sign up there!) and a meeting with a coffee roaster who also does barista training. Then I'm meeting with old friends from high school, one of whom is a personal trainer and would love to come into the cafe and do a free training session for moms and babies, so it's a busy day! Wish us luck!

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