Of the whipped cream saga, that is.

So if you've been following the blogs, the photos, the video, you know that the whipped cream canister has been an ongoing thorn in my, um, side, since we opened.

There hasn't been an entry about it lately because frankly, we gave up. We've had no delicious homemade whip to serve because funny as the process has been, it's actually been a huge pain in the ass and I'm tired of doubling up my laundry with white gloppy cream. Ya, I said it.

Anyway, yesterday Davina was feeling brave and took another crack at it. Then she did something totally unheard of. She read the instructions.


Ya, we were doing it wrong. Apparently we were supposed to A) attach the CO2 cartridge B) shake it precisesly 4 times and C) remove the cartridge.

The fact that we left the cartridge attached and shook it vigorously everytime we used it is what led to the constant splooging.

In our defense the instructions for this thing are ridiculously long and the portion which actually pertained to us was, like one line buried in the middle.

Oy. I say Oy.

* EDIT *

I just attempted to use it myself. I carefully removed the canister from the fridge. I did not shake it. The whip cream came out liquidy. Oozie even. I gave it a quick shake and voila! Whipped cream. By George, I think we've got it!

5/11/2012 03:30:20 am

But...now ...you need another funny to write about


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