Stuff you may not know about us. We do birthday parties for kids. We do birthday parties for kids. We do birthday parties for kids. Sorry about the stutter there. Just trying to pop up more in Google. :-)

Seriously. We have had several so far and they have been tremendously successful. Above and beyond the fantastic food and fabulous entertainment, the biggest selling point seems to be that the parents get to spend time with their little one instead of at home in the kitchen alternately burning and under-cooking frozen appetizers from Costco.

We do everything. Just tell us what time you want the food out and then enjoy your party.

Did I mention we do birthday parties for kids?
4/25/2012 05:11:47 am

What are the minimum/maximum ages for kids parties?

4/25/2012 05:52:55 am

Also, I'll add that we provide adult parties too.

4/25/2012 05:52:14 am

The minimum is easy! New as can be. We have had lots of parties for one year old babies. The guests tend to be the friends and family of the parents who enjoy being in a cafe environment while still having it be kid friendly in case any of those adults have kids of their own to bring. The maximum is really up to your discretion. Our play area entertains kids up to about 10. Also we have a facepainter available as well as a jewellery making event, so there really is entertainment for all ages. Give us a call if you have more questions. We're happy to accommodate!

10/17/2013 03:41:44 am

Great blog post.


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