Okay, so we've suffered a few setbacks as of late, but don't worry Playful Grounds will still be a reality!

As I mentioned in previous posts, we have been in a lease negotiation for a great space. Well, that is basically going on hold, if not being kibosh-ed all together. The problem, as always, is our financing. The landlord is unwilling to enter into a lease with us while our financing is still pending. So, when we actually get the dollars in our hot little hands, we can re-approach the landlord and if the space is still available, we can begin negotiations again.

The funding is on hold, basically, because everyone is on vacation. Our business plan and application was supposed to be submitted at the end of August - read now - but isn't going to be submitted until the end of September (see above about vacations), so we won't see a dime until at least  the end of October.

So, our current plan of action is to try to get the loan from the Canadian Small Business Financing Program now. Originally we were going to wait until we had the other loan first because the CSBFP wants to see a 3 month operating budget plus 25% of overall start-up costs before they will even look at us. We were going to use the first loan money to cement the CSBFP money. So now we're going to redo the business plan financials (AGAIN) and put every penny we can into a single bank account and try to get the loan without the other money. Follow? Clear as mud? Ya, to me too.

Wish us luck!
I know it's been forever since I've posted, but frankly, there just hasn't been too much to report. Tales of excel spreadsheets, lease negotiations and jumping through hoops to borrow huge quantities of money just don't make for very good tweets, nevermind blog entries. But here is our status right now.

Business Plan: Done. Just doing the waiting game now for funding.

Location: Have a great location all ready. Just in the throws of negotiating the lease. Believe, once it's ours, I'll be advertising everything about it like crazy!

Date to open? Well, if all goes well we are looking at a November opening. It's funny 'cause business people say "November? You're crazy! That's a terrible time of year to open a cafe!".  Mom's say "November! Awesome! That's just when we're looking for different things to do 'cause it's getting cold"

As always, opinions, suggestions and general comments are welcome and, well, hoped for!