So we're still working on the business plan. I get about an hour a day on average to work on it. Some days more, some days less. But in my brain I'm working on it all the time. Seriously. And I got this idea. The powers that be, and by that I mean the people with the money, asked what the actual dollar value is to social networking. "Facebook? Twitter? Aren't those things really a waste of time? And this word or mouth thing you speak of. Moms can't really talk that much can they?"

Well. I showed them. Yesterday I asked people via Facebook, Twitter and good old fashioned speaking to visit this website. For the good of cafe. Please visit this website, so that I can make a point.

Yesterday this site got 754 hits! So a big thank you to all who were here and continue to come here on a daily basis.

Here's a little screen capture. I'm putting it straight into the business plan.
Wow, we're a business. Not only have we incorporated (Playful Grounds Incorporated), but we now have a business bank account, with cheques and everything. I feel like such a grown up!

In other news the space we looked at on College isn't going to happen. But it's good. We decided that renovating a clothing store and converting it into a cafe would probably cost in the order of $100,000. So, we need to lease an existing cafe. That's a better idea. We have a line on a place, but no details yet - don't want to jinx it and all that.

We are on version 3 of the business plan. I swear it's like writing a doctoral thesis, which we will have to defend to a panel of 5 before they decide to loan us any money. Why can't I just win the lottery? Oh ya, I don't play....

More next time!
I can't jinx it by giving away too much info, but we found a great space! I will say that it's on College near Shaw street. Now we need to get a really really good contractor to have a look at it so we can be sure the renovation cost won't be prohibitive. Any help in that department would be very much appreciated.
We have draft one of the business plan done and now we're just waiting for other people to do their part. I don't like waiting. I guess I'm a control freak that way. Sigh. We have a meeting on Wednesday to go over said business plan, so we'll see how close we are to having something professional that we can use to get some cash.

I'm trying to spruce up the website by adding useful links and a forum section, as well as recipes or personal tips for feeding your kids. Any input is more than welcome!

The place we saw last week was interesting. It was only 640 square feet, but it was interesting to look at a space that small and realize that it could work. There were other things wrong with the location, such as stairs to get in etc... Also, I was at College and Brock and just didn't feel like a great spot. We're seeing another place this Wednesday right after our Business Plan meeting so we'll see how that goes!

Ask me for a business card if you see me around. I love them!